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The Many Dimensions of Personal Injury

Personal injuries are often regarded as a purely medical problem which can be solved with the right healthcare interventions. In many cases, some bed rest, a course of antibiotics, and some time away from work is all that is required to recover. The worst-case injury scenario people fear most involves a little minor surgery up to and including permanent disability. However, being injured actually carries many other repercussions that people should know about.

Financial Struggles

Being injured can cause serious financial consequences. Time away from work required for doctor’s appointments, prescription refills, and bed rest profoundly affects the monthly budget. A spouse may also need to take time off work to drive the patient to and from appointments, or to provide at-home assistance during recovery. In this way, the financial effects of an injury will keep adding up.

Social Deprivation

Recovering from an injury will certainly leave you feeling less able to go out to the movies, go shopping, or to eat out with friends. However, if your job requires a high level of social investment, such as meeting with clients, attending after-hours events, or hosting get-togethers, then your injury is going to have detrimental effects on your career’s social life as well as your personal social life.

Temporary or Permanent Medical Complications

A good personal injury lawyer will often point out that someone who has experienced an injury might be more likely to have complicated medical needs for a long time following an accident. Chronic pain as the result of an injury is one way in which a single incident can have lasting, potentially debilitating, effects on a person’s life. Medical needs as the result of an injury can also be permanent, too.

Stressed Interpersonal Relationships

If one partner in a relationship is injured, any existing strain on the relationship is likely to be compounded in short order. Even couples with a very happy relationship may end up stressed and frustrated with one another as a result of one person being injured. Clearly, injury is not quite as simple as a medical problem that can be solved with a trip to your family physician.